15 Tips To Hire The Best Web Design Agency For Your Business

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15 Tips to Hire the Best Web Design Agency for Your Business

Many Ecommerce and website platforms today claim to be so easy to use that even the non-technical folks can create an attractive, professional website. However, if you are like most of the people out there, you are probably going to need some web design help if you do not want your website to look like all the other sites on the web.

So now the question arises that how do you find a good Web designer and by ‘good’, we mean a company or agency who has experience, designed in your preferred Web platform, has a great portfolio, comprehends your business goals, but would not charge you tens of thousands of rupees. Hence, following are 15 tips on how to hire the best Web design agency.


1. Check out their portfolio

Request for the previous work done by their company for their clients and also, links to those websites. You can check all your requirements and tastes by reviewing your designer-to-be company’s or individual’s portfolio. If you find them suitable then easily your requirements may match with theirs and so, “when searching for a good web designer, ask for their references from past customers, and look at the websites they have designed.

2. Check if they follow deadlines & offer security hosting

Before signing into the contract, make sure if the designer or the team of designers you hire can meet the said deadline. Security hosting helps to keep away bad fellows by rendering automatic software updates and rolling backups. Even though it costs a bit more than normal, it is still less than repairing a hacked website.

3. Check if they have Copywriting eye

Good web designers know the importance of client’s message, words and story development and so they can club the words with images in a magical way. When it becomes a compelling one altogether, the visitor moves on with a particular action like calling the company. The content, tone and voice of the company must be very compelling enough to ensure that the business will reap benefits and be the best among its competitors.

4. Check if they have experience in SEO

It is a fact that owners of small business do not look for separate organization to carry out their SEO processes and so, it is very imperative and even less expensive if you hire a web designer who has the expertise and experience in SEO. A good web designer knows that design and SEO go smoothly hand-in-hand. If you need your content to be indexed in the top, leading pages of Google and Bing search engines, then you must have a website designed wіth “clean” code that utіlіzеѕ cascading ѕtуlе ѕhееtѕ.

5. No more middle man

Do you wish to work with a third party whom you know nothing about? We are sure not and so it is simple, don’t consider the middle man. Instead try to find a best web design company who has their own web designers as their staff. A company without in-house team of developers does no good in long term. A team without designers does not understand the factor behind driving the site and so, choose wisely.

6. Broaden your horizons

You should know the location and the person who is going to do the work because the person may be located somewhere internationally or out of your reach and if anything goes wrong in coding or designing, you will have to wait for long hours to get it modified as there will be long hours of gap in time zone and no feasibility in quick communication.

7. How good is their communication skills

In case you are wondering if there is any relation between designing and communication, then yes, there is. If they have a sound communication skill, it will be very easy for you to convey your ideas and beliefs and if a person has good designing skills but do not have good communication skills, you will not have good experience working with them. They must comprehend what you want to say about your business goals and how you want to outline a business proposal. For all these frequent communication and management, good communication skills play an important role.

8. Future planning

Launching your business website with great design is not the last step of designing process infact it is actually the beginning. You can publish updated content, track progress and look for some creative and innovative ideas by maintaining a good relationship with your web designing company. Future planning also involves maintenance services, so select a company that provides good after delivery services as well.

9. Verify if they have proactive mindset

Completing every task before their client expects them to is a feature of a good designer as they will be fast to report the issues and find solutions. In this way, they will be able to deliver the project on time and everything will go smoothly. All this builds good bond and trust in a long run between the companies which leads to a good brand reputation.

10. Check out references

You might be admiring some business associates for their best website designs so keep in mind that those are your best sources. Whenever possible, ask for references from past customers, and check the websites that they have designed. Another way is to seek recommendations of a reputed firm and check whether the designer who has worked for them was good enough or not.

11. Do they own experience in SMM?

Social media platforms will have to be clubbed with your website design and so, if you select a web designer who has sound experience in social media marketing as well, it will not only increase your business sales but also brand visibility. Social media pages and business website are complementary to each other and hence you need to make sure they have experience in Social Media Marketing.

12. You must own the design and content

Make sure you own the design and website content that they will deliver to you. If you have chosen a freelancer or a design team then they must be willing to sign over all IP rights to your business website. If you don’t own the design and content then it can hurt your ROI and it may affect while selling the business.

13. Cost vs Value equation is imperative

While considering every work in business, ROI is the most important and ultimate factor to consider and while considering ROI, it is the value of the work for the client that counts for the capital you spend. In web designing, you get what you pay for and even though cost is imperative for every project, it is not as important as justifying the cost with value in long term especially when it comes to web designing.

14. Check how well they focus on content

Content is said to be one of the most inevitable factors in web designing process and also the overlooked one. Make sure to choose a company that focuses on keywords for an optimized content keeping design in mind.

15. Check the experience they have

In today’s time, it is important to choose a company who has experience in the work you want them to deliver because you cannot risk your capital, brand reputation and user experience by assigning the work to beginners. For start-up organizations, ensure to check what type of experience they have in designing and whether they can meet all your expectations or not.


Determining who is best equipped to design your website, as well as choosing who you want to partner with on your business project goes far beyond their mere capabilities and expertise in the industry. That is exactly where asking the above mentioned questions and getting answers is the key to the selection process. In case you need any further help, feel free to contact us because we, at Quora Web Solution, are trusted to be a top Website Design Agency.


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